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Samtel's strong R&D capability has helped us to always remain the first movers in the domestic market with customized, innovative and competitive new products and retain our leadership position in the market.

Over the years, our in-house team has been responsible for the design and launch of various new products, setting-up assembly lines with completely indigenous technology, apart from development of several types of Deflection Yokes and Electron Guns.

  1st to introduce Digital Color Monitor in India.
  1st to launch 12", 14" and 17" B&W picture tubes in India.
  1st to launch 14" and 21" FST tubes in India.
  1st to launch Mono Display Tubes in India.
  1st to assemble and seal glass shells in India.
  1st to offer the largest range of 14",  21" FST and 21" F&FST color picture tubes in India.
  1st to establish itself as the largest regular exporter of tubes.
  1st to manufacture specialty tubes for industrial, military and medical applications, from the private sector.
  1st public-private partnership in the area of defense avionics.
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